A success!

2008 World Championships

Biathlon World Championship – Östersund 2008

The 42nd World Championship in Biathlon took place in Östersund 2008. It was a spectacular event with lots of experiences and a huge winter festival. The organisers summarise the Biathlon World Championships as a huge success that exceeded all expectations. The number of visitors peaked at 120,000 visitors, far above the expected numbers. You can find the results from the 2008 Biathlon World Championship here!

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Biathlon World Championship – Östersund 2019

Östersund welcomes you all back in 2019! The biathlon World Championship is once again to be held in Sweden and Östersund welcomes visitors from all over the world to be a part of a magical experience. See you soon! Be sure to visit Östersund 2019 to find the latest news!